• 13 February ‘23 – 15 February ‘23

Revive Our HeartsHappily Even After, with Bob and Dannah Gresh

Fairy tales often end with a wedding and the phrase, “They lived happily ever after.” But does it really work that way? We vow to love one another for better or worse, but we can’t know ahead of time what the “worse” will be. Bob and Dannah Gresh share the power of Christ’s redemptive love and how you can live happily, even after a painful confession from your spouse.

Episodes in this season

A Painful Confession

Bob and Dannah Gresh have discovered how to live “happily EVEN after”—after a painful confession from a spouse. View More →

The Gift of Trust

When your spouse sins against you in a major way, you can feel betrayed. Hear the steps the Greshes took to rebuild trust in their marriage. View More →