• 8 January ‘08 – 16 January ‘08

Revive Our HeartsHannah's Prayer and God's Power

Nancy explores the story of Hannah to show us that ultimately true joy is not found in anything or anyone but God and in seeking to bring Him glory, regardless of our circumstances.

Episodes in this season

Days of Decline

Do you ever look at the blatant sin in our culture and wonder if we live in the worst time ever? Nancy tells about some other sinful moments View More →

No Formulas

Do you ever wonder what God’s plan is? Why do the faithful suffer while the ungodly prosper? Nancy offers some ideas about this difficult situation. View More →

The Squeeze

Imagine a friend laughing at you after you tell her about one of your deepest struggles. Nancy tells of a woman from the Old Testament in that position. View More →

Faith and Surrender

Does the word peaceful describe you? It can, even though things are hectic all around you. Nancy shares the secret to having peace. View More →


If a friend lent you a priceless treasure, you would treat it carefully. Our children are treasures on loan from God. Are you taking good care of them. View More →

God Is in Control

Moms try to control their kids. And that’s a good thing; it’s a part of training and protecting them. But the truth is that moms can’t control everything. View More →