• 27 December ‘10 – 31 December ‘10

Revive Our HeartsFirst Things First

What would life be like in 2011 and beyond if you truly learned to set priorities? Learn how to discern the most important activities for eternity. Then discover how to follow through on the right actions.

Episodes in this season

A State of Bondage

The American Dictionary defines bondage this way: “The state of being bound; under restraint; involuntary servitude; slavery and captivity.” View More →

Review God's Priorities

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could set up an appointment with God to get your lifelong job description? Today, Nancy talks about God's purpose for you life. View More →

Taking Inventory

What would you and I discover if we got a weekly printout on how we spend our time each day? Would we be pleasantly surprised or shocked at your priorities? View More →

The Tyranny of the Urgent

What gets in the way of our priorities? Phone calls, emails, homework, chauffeuring, a one day sale at the department store, and other urgent interruptions? View More →

Time Robbers

How much of your time falls victim to “time robbers"? Today Nancy Leigh DeMoss defines what those might be and helps us recognize and remedy those things. View More →