• 30 September ‘13 – 4 October ‘13

Revive Our HeartsFinding True Freedom, with Craig and Terri Owen

When Terri Owen invited her husband, Craig, to church, he was running from the law in Canada and the U.S., healing from a gunshot wound, and wearing a biker look. Even though he was facing jail time if caught, that day he discovered what it meant to be truly free.

Episodes in this season

On the Run

Terri Owen found herself stranded in a park while her husband, wanted for crimes in Canada and the U.S. checked himself into the hospital for a gunshot wound. View More →

An Invitation to Surrender

Craig Owen came to church looking for an excuse to leave. Looking like a long-haired biker expecting to be judged, the greeter’s response surprised him. View More →

How Free Do You Want to Be?

When Craig Owen appeared before a Canadian criminal court, the judge and prosecutor were surprised how quickly Craig admitted he was guilty on all charges. View More →

The Final Surrender

After Craig Owen came to know Christ, he surrendered himself to authorities in Canada for past crimes. Later, he surrenders bad news from a doctor. View More →