• 20 January ‘14 – 22 January ‘14

Revive Our HeartsFighting for Life: The Stories of Jason, Kelly, and Rebecca

For many women facing unplanned pregnancies, abortion seems to be the only answer to their "problem." That is, until they walk out of the abortion clinic with a whole new set of problems. In these special programs, you'll hear the stories of three people who've been there, and who are now giving their lives to fight for the unborn. As you listen to Jason, Kelly, and Rebecca, you'll learn how God can heal and how He can use you to stop abortion.

Episodes in this season

Come into the Light

Imagine talking to an atheistic pro-life activist. A young man vowed to end abortion, even though he didn’t believe in God. View More →

What Abortion Is

Abortion is like a tree with deep roots. When that one act is planted in your life, the roots touch everything else. View More →