• 27 September ‘22 – 29 September ‘22

Revive Our HeartsFasting and Feasting, with Erin Davis

God’s Word celebrates food as a gift while simultaneously inviting us to surrender every area of our lives to the authority of Jesus, including what we put on our plates! Rather than the yo-yo of loving food and hating food, accept Scripture’s invitation into a different rhythm—the rhythm of fasting and feasting.

Episodes in this season

Food Is an Object Lesson

Erin Davis helps us view food as God designed it to be: a good gift meant to point us to Him who is the only One who truly satisfies. View More →

What Is Fasting?

Would you be able to articulate the difference between the spiritual discipline of Christian fasting and going on a diet? Erin Davis can. View More →

An Opportunity for Worship

What is your attitude about food? Erin Davis calls food “an opportunity for worship.” Find out how to worship the Giver of the good gift of food. View More →