• 18 August ‘17 – 28 August ‘17

Letters to the Churches in Revelation, Part 3: Faithfulness and the Crown of Life (Smyrna)

Nancy continues her study in Revelation by exploring the letter to the church in Smyrna—one that experienced intense persecution and suffering. She reminds us that in times of trials, it’s not as important to know why as to know Who, and she challenges us to lift our eyes above our circumstances and look to Jesus for comfort and strength.

Episodes in this season

Purposeful Suffering

If there is no affliction in your life in some measure, then you have to wonder, “Are we really standing for the right thing?” View More →

Spiritually Rich

If someone wanted to give you an incredibly huge gift, you wouldn’t ignore them. But someone does want to give you an incredibly huge gift. View More →

Purposeful Suffering

Suffering has a limit. God won’t allow more than is needed for your good and His glory. If you feel like you’re at that limit, get some encouragement. View More →