• 5 June ‘08 – 27 June ‘08

Revive Our HeartsEsther: God's Woman at God's Time

Nancy explores the amazing story of how God used one woman to impact the Jewish people. Watch how God uses ordinary and imperfect people to accomplish His purposes. Not only will the story of Esther help you to trust in God's providence, you'll also be challenged to surrender your life to His sovereign will.

Episodes in this season

Three Themes

A young girl lived under an authoritarian regime. She was conscripted into a harem and was pulled into ethnic conflict. Sound like something View More →

Married to an Alcoholic

If your husband asked you to do something immoral, would you do it? What if he was the king and he was drunk and it could mean your life if you disobeyed? View More →


Do you ever feel pressure to conform to the people around you? Do you think there would be more or less pressure if you suddenly became a queen. View More →

The Plot Thickens

"Don’t worry." That advice is easy to give and almost impossible to live by ... unless you know the God who controls everything. View More →

An Evil Plan Is Hatched

We can all remember scandals in which a high-profile leader suddenly lost popularity and influence. Stories like this remind us that integrity is important. View More →

Esther's Dilemma

Does it seem as if the latest crisis in your life always arrives at a bad time? Hear how God uses what looks like bad timing for His glory. View More →

For Such a Time as This

If you’ve ever felt like a nobody, you’re not alone. The solution isn’t to talk to yourself and convince yourself how special you are. View More →

Time to Act

Trust in God’s providence does not mean that you always sit back and do nothing and just wait for things to unfold as they will happen. View More →

A Persuasive Presentation

Imagine your spouse made the kind of mistake that could cost thousands of people their lives. Would you approach him with a humble, gracious spirit? View More →

Stark Contrast

If a powerful government leader were to attack a minority population, who would likely come out ahead? It depends on God’s will. View More →

Battling Sin

The law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus works in our lives, overcoming the pull, the gravity, the law of sin and death. View More →

A Time to Celebrate

The book of Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a time to weep and a time to laugh. So let us weep over the lost and over our own sin. View More →


The word amuse literally means "to stop thinking." A lot of people equate rest and celebration with amusement. View More →

True Leadership

Understandably, we get upset with leaders who abuse political power. Instead of serving the public, they’re serving themselves. View More →