• 10 June ‘19 – 21 June ‘19

Revive Our HeartsEnduring Life's Hardships

When life gets hard and our circumstances are overwhelming, we all face the temptation to be discouraged or to give in. Nancy shares insights from 2 Timothy about how to endure and grow through hardship.

Episodes in this season

Expect Suffering

Imagine being in a dark, underground prison with the sewer of a major city running through it. Then imagine writing about being joyful! View More →

The Purpose of Suffering

It's easier for athletes who are training for the Olympics to endure long, grueling training when they have a goal in mind. The same is true for Christians. View More →

Helping Others Endure

Hollywood loves to tell us what our heroes should look like. But find out why learning about heroes of the faith will help you endure hardship. View More →

You Have a Future

For anyone who believes in Jesus, all suffering is temporary. It doesn’t matter how permanent your hurt appears. There is an incredible future. View More →

Enduring With Joy

You can make everyone around you miserable, or you can joyfully accept trials as a gift from God. Hear how a young woman did just that with a brain tumor. View More →