• 21 September ‘23 – 29 September ‘23

Revive Our HeartsEncouragement to Persevere (Philadelphia): Letters to the Churches of Revelation, Part 7

The second coming of Christ has been dramatically described and hotly debated. Nancy invites you to a fresh look at the return of Jesus. His coming will provide you with incredible hope day by day.

Episodes in this season

He Holds the Keys

When someone hands you their keys, they are giving you authority and responsibility. Jesus holds some important keys. View More →

Hope for the Powerless

Plenty of people are trying to gain power through political influence, money, or popularity. But do these channels truly provide power? View More →

Coming Back Soon

In the first century Jesus said, "I am coming back soon." That was over 2,000 years ago. Has Jesus failed to deliver that promise? View More →

Expecting Christ's Return

When you’ve been apart from someone you love, you count the days until you can see them again. Do you feel that type of longing for the return of Christ? View More →

Hope That Leads to Holiness

Jesus is coming soon. So what are we supposed to do while we wait for Him? Nancy describes the attitude and behavior of those who are hoping for His return. View More →

Practical Hope

Do you find yourself thinking of the Second Coming of Christ as a mysterious event far off into the future? View More →