• 19 May ‘14 – 21 May ‘14

Revive Our HeartsWalk with Me, with Damaris Carbaugh

Damaris Carbaugh was living in New York, singing jingles on nationwide television and working toward a career as a solo artist. But her life was empty. She'll explain how she was delivered from idols when she came to know Christ. And she'll talk about continuing to say no to idols and dying to ourselves every day.

Episodes in this season

What Grace Is Mine

I said to Him, "I don’t want to want what I’ve wanted in the past. If you can change this heart, I’m yours." View More →

An Invitation to Die

A lot of people have heard Damaris Carbaugh sing jingles for clients like Coca-Cola, Double Mint Gum and Kentucky Fried Chicken. But her life was empty. View More →

Good-Bye to Me

Believers in Jesus are called to follow His lead, pick up their cross, and die to themselves. Damaris Carbaugh describes what it’s like to die to yourself. View More →