• 9 November ‘22 – 16 November ‘22

Revive Our HeartsCultivating a Contented Heart

When you think of big, destructive sins, does "complaining" come to mind?  Nancy will show you why complaining is so serious and help you replace it with a heart of thankfulness. Don't miss the series, "Cultivating a Contented Heart."

Episodes in this season

Contentment Is Possible

Where does discontentment show up in your life? God has given us blessing upon blessing, yet somehow it’s easy to find ourselves always wanting more. View More →

A Grateful Heart

Expressing your gratitude to the Lord affects your outlook on life, maybe even more than you’d realize. View More →

A Trusting Heart

You and I will never be at peace in our hearts until we learn to trust God. That’s straightforward, but oh, so true! View More →

God Is Enough

Have you ever thought, “If I only had such-and-such, then I’d be happy!”? Or the flip side: “If only I didn’t have this circumstance in my life, then I’d be ha View More →