• 4 September ‘17 – 8 September ‘17

Letters to the Churches of Revelation, Part 4: Compromising Truth (Pergamum)

As Nancy explores Jesus’ letter in Revelation to the church in Pergamum, she shows us just how embracing the world’s standards rather than following Christ puts us at risk of losing our very character and identity as the people of God. Jesus knows what we’re up against and will give us the grace and strength to hold fast to our faith in Him.

Episodes in this season

Nancy Acknowledges Concerns from October 13 Program

It is not our normal practice to remove programs or transcripts from our website. However, we have done so with this program in an attempt not to be a stumbling block or to wrongly fuel any further misperceptions. We understand how some of the content in the program left listeners with impressions that do not represent our heart or what …

God Knows Where You Live

Obedience to God is not like paying federal income taxes. There are no exemptions and no deductions. God gives you the grace to obey. View More →

Keeping Your Covenant

Imagine the devastation of a wife whose husband has been unfaithful. That’s the type of grief we should all feel when we are unfaithful to God. View More →

Belief and Behavior

When sin is allowed to flourish in the church, two groups of people need to repent: those committing the sin and those tolerating it. View More →