• 6 January ‘14 – 14 January ‘14

Be Still

Hymns are neglected in a lot of churches, but these songs provide a rich resource for reflecting on biblical truth. Nancy gives you the background of seven meaningful hymns and unpacks their meaning.  


Episodes in this season

Be Still, My Soul

When’s the last time you slowed down and just were still before the Lord? Nancy shows you why you need those seasons of being still to calm your heart. View More →

Like a River Glorious

How can you find perfect peace in a storm? Nancy shows you an example of a woman who was hit with multiple hardships, yet she knew where to find peace. View More →

Come Thou Fount

The writer of one of our most popular hymns struggled to live what he had written. His example serves as a warning to us. View More →

There Is a Fountain

William Cowper was prone to bouts of severe depression and even tried to take his life. Yet the Lord used him to write a hymn we still sing today. View More →

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

A man named Thomas struggled with health issues, couldn’t keep a job, and didn’t have regular income. But he wrote a hymn about God’s faithfulness. View More →