• 15 February ‘10 – 19 February ‘10

Revive Our HeartsAvoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome, with Ron and Nancy Anderson

After living in a difficult marriage for years, Nancy Anderson told her husband that she was having an affair and was going to leave him. At the lowest point of this marriage, God dramatically intervened and changed both their hearts. Don't miss this touching testimony of God's transforming grace.

Episodes in this season

Small Decisions

As a wife, do you feel like it’s your husband’s job to meet every need you have? Get some perspective on that question. View More →

Strength in Surrender

Could you forgive an unfaithful spouse? Or would adultery automatically be a reason for divorce? Hear from a husband who had to decide. View More →

An Intervention

If your child were in a difficult marriage that was marked by conflict, how would you counsel them? View More →

Friendship in Marriage

When you said "I do," did you and your husband stop having the type of fun that marked your dating life? Once a couple ties the knot, it’s e View More →

Choosing Faithfulness

A lot of couples think their marriage is going pretty good because they haven’t gotten in a fight lately. But marriage isn’t just about avoiding problems. View More →