• 17 December ‘20 – 24 December ‘20

Anna: The Woman Who Welcomed Christ

Luke tells us about a character from the Christmas story who doesn't usually get much attention. The elderly woman Anna welcomed the baby Jesus and has a lot to teach us today. Nancy studies the life of this faithful woman of God.

Episodes in this season

The Gracious Woman

God places great value on the wisdom that can come with age when one has been following Christ and practicing His principles. View More →

Night and Day

What’s filling your heart on this Christmas Eve? Is it busyness? Christmas parties? Shopping? Learn to keep the right thing at the center. View More →

A God-Centered Life

One of the characters in the biblical Christmas story is a great example of aging well. Learn how she grew in beauty as she got older. View More →

An End to the Waiting

Nancy takes a look at the life of a godly woman whose waiting was intense—more intense than most of the kids ripping paper away from gift boxes. View More →