• 17 December ‘20 – 24 December ‘20

Revive Our HeartsAnna: The Woman Who Welcomed Christ

Luke tells us about a character from the Christmas story who doesn't usually get much attention. The elderly woman Anna welcomed the baby Jesus and has a lot to teach us today. Nancy studies the life of this faithful woman of God.

Episodes in this season

The Gracious Woman

If you’re a younger woman, you need to solicit and listen to the wisdom of older women. If you’re an older woman, God isn’t done using you. View More →

Night and Day

What’s filling your heart on this Christmas Eve? Is it busyness? Christmas parties? Shopping? Learn to keep the right thing at the center. View More →

A God-Centered Life

One of the characters in the biblical Christmas story is a great example of aging well. Learn how she grew in beauty as she got older. View More →

An End to the Waiting

Nancy takes a look at the life of a godly woman whose waiting was intense—more intense than most of the kids ripping paper away from gift boxes. View More →