• 17 February ‘21 – 26 February ‘21

Revive Our Hearts7 Feasts

The Old Testament lists seven different feasts Israel was supposed to observe. But what do those feasts have to do with present-day believers in Jesus? Piece together the clues from the often-avoided Leviticus 23.

Episodes in this season

Rules for Wandering

Some Bible passages are harder to understand than others. Erin Davis says she treats the difficult parts of Scripture like a jigsaw puzzle. View More →


It takes intentionality to nurture a sense of amazement and gratitude for what God has done for us. Thankfully, the Lord gives us prompts in His Word. View More →

The Feast of Firstfruits

According to author and teacher Erin Davis, there’s an important principle we need to remember about what we give to the Lord. God doesn’t want our leftovers. View More →

The Feast of Weeks

Even though the Bible was written by multiple authors in 3 languages over the course of 1500 years, it’s a unified story with one hero: Jesus! View More →

The Feast of Trumpets

What comes to mind when I say, “The Feast of Trumpets.” If you’re not coming up with much more than an instrument, you're not alone! View More →

The Day of Atonement

We don’t often use the word “atonement” in everyday conversation. But Erin Davis says it’s an important word in the Bible, and key to the Christian life. View More →

The Feast of Booths

Have you ever been tent camping? Often it’s something kids love and parents endure! Erin Davis tells about a special feast where the Israelites were to camp. View More →