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A Report from True Woman '12

Leslie Basham: Just over a week ago, many thousand women came together for a conference Revive Our Hearts hosted. 

Bob Lepine (conf): Welcome to Indianapolis and True Woman 2012. Are you excited to be here?

Leslie: And as emcee Bob Lepine explained, women were willing to travel great distances for this important gathering.

Bob (conf): We have women here from forty-eight of the fifty United States. (applause) We have women here from seven provinces in Canada, eh. (applause) And we have women here, at least we know of five different countries beyond the United States and Canada. Welcome! (applause)

Leslie: This is Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss for Monday, October 1.

Today, we’ll hear highlights from the conference, and we’ll hear from some of the True Woman speakers. They’ll describe the work God did in their own hearts as they sought the Lord for personal revival. 

Bob: We …

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