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Leslie Basham: In 1995 Nancy Leigh DeMoss spoke to the staff of Cru in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Her subject was brokenness.

Recording of Nancy Leigh DeMoss in 1995: When confessing their sin, proud people tend to deal in generalities, but broken people are able to deal under the conviction of God's Spirit to acknowledge specifics.

Leslie: As Nancy spoke, God was stirring the hearts of that audience. Here's Dave Warn.

Dave Warn: When Nancy DeMoss finished speaking, something happened in that room that is hard to put into words, even to this day.

Kathy Helvey: People were starting to weep.

Leslie: This is the late Kathy Helvey.

Kathy: They were starting to get out of their seats and kneel by their chairs. People were holding people as they were crying.

Dave: And there was a sense where the Holy Spirit descended on the whole crowd at once.

Kathy: …

About the Teacher

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

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