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Pressing on for Life

Dannah Gresh: Here is some of what we heard yesterday from our guest Jeanne Pernia. 

Jeanne Pernia: I did not associate that women’s clinic with abortion. As far as I knew, it was for women who needed routine care, as far as their yearly Paps, and I knew that they did give out birth control.

I was working there for a very short time, just a couple of months, and shortly after that my mom moved back to Florida. I told her to apply for the position because she was looking for work. That’s exactly where our lives started to get involved in the abortion industry.

There was this one beautiful Cuban girl, and she had come in several times. I remember that she was probably on her fourth procedure. I told her, “You know, you’ve got to stop this. This cannot be just a normal practice for you.”

I …

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