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The Power of Return

Leslie Basham: When you're criticized, what does a humble response look like? Here’s Mary Kassian.

Mary Kassian: So if someone says something nasty to me, if my heart is humble, I will take it before the Lord and I will say, "Lord, is there truth here? Is there something I need to learn? I may not like the way this message came or the way it was delivered through this messenger, but is it Your message for my heart? What do I need to correct?" 

Leslie: This is Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss for Wednesday, January 28, 2015.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: How would you describe your conversations? Does the word "peaceful" come to mind? 

Last week, Mary Kassian began showing us how to use our words to promote peace. She’s written a workbook called Conversation Peace and she’s been going through it in a guest teaching session here …

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About the Teacher

Mary Kassian

Mary Kassian

Mary Kassian is an award-winning author, an internationally renowned speaker, and a frequent guest on Revive Our Hearts. She has written more than a dozen books and Bible studies including Conversation Peace and The Right Kind of Strong. … read more …