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Persevering Through the Storm

Leslie Basham: If you’ve never seen Lake Michigan, it's not your average lake. Imagine standing at the ocean with water all the way to the horizon and a shoreline stretching as far as you can see in either direction. Lake Michigan can get as wild as the ocean, too. Over the last decade, an average of a dozen people a year have drowned in the dangerous waves and rip currents.

A few years ago a group of college students fought those waves for one intense twenty-four-hour period.

Craig Masselink: So I had climbed on the board. I stood up; fell in. I climbed back on the board; the paddle board flipped over, and I remember just looking up. You couldn’t see the waves that night; you could only just hear them. So you would hear the next white cap starting to build to your right, and you knew it was …

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