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Leslie Basham: According to Evelyn Christenson, God's never finished helping his child grow.

Evelyn Christenson: Keep me faithful, Lord. That's what I'm saying at this age. The hardest transition, by the way, is when you have to start peeling off, not doing what you want to do because there isn't enough strength and all that. But to stay faithful in these years is what I am learning now. So, I'm never done. I will never be done with the Lord changing me--never.

Leslie Basham: It's Thursday, June 30th, and you're listening to Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

For the last couple of days we've heard from Evelyn Christenson about the things she's learned over a lifetime of suffering, but she isn't done learning. Here's Nancy and Evelyn.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: Now, you've talked about getting to eighty and having this unshakable confidence in God's word and His ways, …

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