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Modeling Modesty

Voices of moms speaking:

“The hardest thing about teaching kids about modesty is the culture.”

“You’re fighting against the culture. I mean, it’s such a culture war for us.”

“The number one most difficult thing would be the culture today.”

“It’s such a culture war.”

“Young girls want to dress with clothes that are so tight and shrug off whatever the mother says.”

“They are bombarded with messages of sexuality.”

“She’s bombarded with what you see on TV. She’s bombarded with what you see in magazines and then with what everybody else wears.”

“And what it does is, it numbs them, it dulls their senses to what is appropriate.”

“It’s very frustrating to go shopping and try to find appropriate clothes for your daughter. It takes a lot of effort to find things that are modest.”

“It’s easier to just go with what is out there. I mean, it’s definitely …

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Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

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