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Living Like You Are Ready to Die


Leslie Basham: How do you describe what Jesus did on the cross? Deborah Howard describes it as a substitution.

Deborah Howard: He substituted his righteousness and His goodness for our filthy sins and our unrighteousness. It is a great trade for us.

Leslie: This is Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss. It’s Thursday, July 21.
Nancy has been in an important discussion this week. Deborah Howard is a hospice nurse and the author of Sunsets: Reflections for Life’s Final Journey. They have given a lot of very important practical advice. If you have missed any of the programs I hope you will get the expanded version of the interview on CD. Just visit Nancy is here to pick back up on that conversation.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: I think one of the most important subjects that is touched on in your book, Sunsets, is how to live in …

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