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Learning to Love Your Husband Again

Leslie Basham: Here's some of what we've heard this week on Revive Our Hearts from Bill and Vicki Rose.

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth: So you get married, and when is the first clue to either one of you that this isn't all that you had hoped or thought it might be? Who realized that first?

Bill Rose: I'm on the airplane right after we got married. We have a plane trip that night after the ceremony to fly to L.A., then spend the night in L.A., and then drive to Palm Springs. We're on the plane going to L.A. and Vicki's asleep, and I sort of looked over at her, and I'm thinking, I can't believe I just got married.

Nancy: You're probably not the first person to ever have that thought.

Bill: No, but it was also, "Well, if it doesn't work, I'll get a divorce. Not a big deal." …

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