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Leslie Basham: Kevin DeYoung offers some advice for parents who demand a standard of their children that they don’t live themselves.

Kevin DeYoung: The easiest way—the best way—to produce Pharisees is to be a Pharisee . . . to be a parent with this hypocrisy, or with this huge gap between what you say and insist upon and what you actually do in your life.

Leslie: This is the Revive Our Hearts podcast for Friday, September 5, 2014.

Ask anyone how they’re doing and you’ll likely hear, “Busy!” Pastor Kevin DeYoung talked about our level of busyness earlier this week. He’s been talking with Nancy Leigh DeMoss this week about his book Crazy Busy. Yesterday, we got Kevin’s wife Trisha into the conversation. She’s a busy mom of a young family and I know her perspective was helpful. Kevin and Trisha talked about the value of family devotions even during …

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