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Healed and Delivered by God’s Word

Dannah Gresh: Wrong thinking and a life of promiscuity led Laura Perry down a path full of pain, disillusionment, and confusion.

Laura Perry: I remember thinking, The reason that this never works out—the reason that I’m never happy in these relationships—is because I was supposed to be the man! If I was the man, then I would show these men how a woman is supposed to be treated.

Once I embraced that and decided that’s who I was going to be, it was like a switch flipped. All of the sudden, all I thought was, Yes! I was a man born in a woman’s body.

Dannah: This is the Revive Our Hearts podcast with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, author of Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free, for June 1, 2021. I’m Dannah Gresh.

I’m so glad you’re listening! We’re going to hear the powerful story of how the Spirit of God used the Word of God to transform the life of a woman we’ve gotten to know and love just recently.

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth: Yes, her name is Laura Perry. I know you’re going to love her as you hear the unfolding of her story. I heard Laura share her testimony recently at a conference at a church on the East Coast. I said, “We need to have this woman on Revive Our Hearts.”

So today, we’ll be hearing the testimony that she shared that night, and then the rest of the week we’re going to unpack that story further. We’re going to be talking with her mom, who walked through this long journey with Laura, and then Dannah and Mary Kassian had a conversation with Laura to follow up on the story you’ll be hearing today.

Dannah: Yes, we want you to know that we’re bringing you this story this week because one of the most complex conversations we’re navigating these days is the issue of transgenderism. Now, if that’s a new term for you, or if you’re just unsure of what it really means, “transgender” is the word used to describe someone who believes that their gender identity is not the same as their biological sex.

Nancy: And Dannah, you’re right, this is complex. There are so many issues involved here. But it’s something that in one way or another, we are all having to deal with. And if not now, we will be. This has become a huge part of the cultural conversation.

It’s something that if your friends aren’t talking about it, your kids’ friends are talking about it. They’re hearing about this in school. Now this philosophy, this way of thinking, is being taught in preschool, in elementary school, and it’s not just a cultural thing out there somewhere.

For many of our listeners, maybe for you, this is something deeply personal, as you may have a son or daughter, a friend in the workplace, or somebody you grew up with, who has just announced that they have decided to transition from one gender to another. Is that even possible? And how do we respond to those who are caught up in this way of thinking?

It’s something we have got to know how to deal with, and we’ve got to help our kids know how to deal with this as well.

Dannah: Yes, Nancy, and you know, another reason why we need to talk through this is because there’s hope! 

What you’re about to hear is a powerful story of a prodigal coming home. And how fitting it is that tomorrow is the Worldwide Day of Prayer for the Prodigal!

We’re going to actually have more details about that at the end of the program today. I’m just so burdened that we would collectively pray!

Nancy: Yes, that’s been very much on my heart, too, Dannah, as we’ve put these programs together. Pray not just for those whose kids or friends are involved in transgender ideas and thinking, but also others who would be prodigals.

We’re hearing so much today on social media from influencers who have announced that they are de-converting from the Christian faith; they are walking away from the faith. In fact, just this morning I heard from a Christian leader who said that three of his grown children have (here’s the term he used) “gone off the rails spiritually.” That is a heartbreak to this dad, to that mom, to the Lord.

So, yes, we want to pray for these prodigals, and we want to believe God to bring them home!

Dannah: Maybe there’s a wayward son or daughter in your family, or maybe you have some close friends who are walking through that. You know the heaviness of this burden, maybe even crying yourself to sleep at night. I’m just so glad that you caught Revive Our Hearts today, because you are going to be infused with hope! I believe God can use Laura’s testimony to encourage you and fill you with faith to wait for God to intervene in the life of that loved one.

Nancy: Yes, Lord, I do pray that You would do just that today. There’s someone listening: there’s a mom, there’s a grandmom, there’s a dad, there’s a sister, a friend, an aunt, a teacher, someone who is carrying a burden on their heart for a loved one who is not walking with Christ, who is a prodigal. Maybe it is somebody who is dealing with these issues of sexuality and gender identity. Oh Lord, how I pray that You would come and minister tailor made grace to those who wait and long for their loved ones to return.

Perhaps even a prodigal is listening today. I don’t know how they happened to tune in or listen to this podcast, this program, but You know. I pray that you’d bring struggling and wayward ones home, and You would restore hope by the power of Your Holy Spirit. I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.

Now, let’s listen to Laura Perry as she shared her story at Christ Covenant Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Laura: I want to tell you my story tonight, but what I hope what you ultimately hear is not a story of how I fixed myself or how my parents fixed me. No, it was just the Lord that drew me back, that fixed me, that healed me, and this is really His story of redemption.

I like to start sometimes with kind of an embarrassing story of me when I was a kid. I was not the typical class clown; I didn’t like the attention of this moment. We had a little play we were doing when we were in kindergarten that was based on nursery rhymes.

I was the last one picked, and so my teacher assigned me Humpty Dumpty. I was so embarrassed, because they had me in this big costume that they stuffed full of newspaper. I didn’t even have a speaking line. I was just supposed to sit there on the wall, and when a kid read it, just fall over and crack!

But it’s been a bit of a spiritual analogy, too, for me over my life. If you remember the nursery rhyme, it says: “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again.” That’s what I felt like a lot of my life. But the reality that I learned is, the King can!

He put together what was so broken and so shattered that I have just looked back in amazement at what He has done! Now, I can tell you that when I went into this lifestyle at the age of twenty-five, I would have told you that I was born that way, that I had always been that way, and there had been nothing that had contributed to my feelings.

We are born with a sin nature. We are born with desires that are not natural, but at the same time, I’ve learned that there are often things that have contributed to those feelings. Whether you see them or not, it doesn’t make it any more real just because you don’t understand that. 

But I can tell you that most of the time, by the time you embrace this ideology, you want to convince yourself that it’s who you are. Because if it’s who you are and not what you feel, then it’s not a decision, it’s not a choice. It’s something you have to do.

I can look back now (and I hope this is also an encouragement for the parents) . . . I want to make clear as well that I did have a hard relationship with my mom, but I don’t blame my mom at all. I’ve learned that no parent was going to be perfect.

In fact, God was the perfect parent, and His kids—Adam and Eve—rebelled in the Garden of Eden, in Paradise, with no sin yet in the world! They didn’t have war and disease and all these other broken things, and yet they still rebelled against what God had commanded.

But at the same time, as I’ve told parents sometimes, we are all sinners raising other sinners. We all have our own issues, we all have our own brokenness. My poor mother—she will tell you in her own testimony—had become kind of a legalistic Pharisee. 

She was trying so hard in her own flesh to please God, through as much work as she could possibly fit into a day. She imagined herself sort of on this performance treadmill for God, running as hard as she could but never quite getting there.

This was sort of the same way with me. She was always doing things for me, but never really wanting me around. So it was always, “Go away! Just get off me; leave me alone!” That’s how I was treated a lot.

I was very close to my dad and my brother, and I spent all my time with them. This just began to create a lot of confusion as a young child. I look back now and I understand that my mother loved me very, very much, but I could not understand that at the time.

And this, again, is where the enemy will come into our life and speak lies over us. When we choose to believe his lies, it’s like life gets put through this filter. And so different experiences would add to this and say, “See? She really doesn’t love you!” “See, she really wishes you were a boy,” because she was much closer to my brother, and there were a variety of reasons for that.

One was just personality, I think, but also my mom had miscarried two boys between my brother and I. I think there was a lot of her that was grieving those two boys and desperately wanting those boys. But I began to believe as a young child that mom wished I had been one of them and not born a girl.

And so, I really began to take on that identity. I fantasized about it, and I wrote stories about it. In childhood, I had never heard the term transgender. I didn’t know there was anything I could do about it. This was just a fantasy world I lived in, but over the years it became more and more prominent.

When I was fourteen, I was told I had polycystic ovarian syndrome, which meant that I had cysts all over my ovaries. I was in constant pain—very, very severe pain. I was told, on top of that, I would likely never get pregnant.

So I became very, very angry with God. I thought, Okay, if God made me this way, and He made me a girl that I don’t want to be in the first place, that’s been rejected by my mother (because that’s how I saw it) and then I have this female system, that I don’t want in the first place, that’s not working and it’s causing me nothing but pain, and now it’s not even going to allow me to have children . . . If God did this on purpose, then God is just a jerk! 

I really began to see God as this cruel distant being that didn’t care anything about me. He was just sort of sitting back and laughing. That’s kind of the picture that I had of God.

And so when I was fifteen, I completely walked away from the faith. I told God I would never serve Him again. I wanted to be the opposite of a Christian . . . whatever that was. I didn’t want anything to do with it. I’d grown up hearing about Jesus all my life, but I had never really known Christ. 

I talk to so many people, really in countless numbers (and this was certainly my story) that made a profession of faith as a young child, was baptized, but never really knew the Lord. 

There may be some of you tonight who are in that boat who say, “You know, I said the prayer, I got baptized, but it’s never been real.” I just want to encourage you if that’s you, there is a difference between believing it up here and really putting your faith and trust in Christ.

I had never known Christ to be real, so I had never known His love. I had never known His peace. I had never known what it was like to see Him faithful in my life. Really, it’s a miracle I didn’t end up in a Satanic cult. I think that was where I was kind of headed, but through the Lord’s grace and mercy, I didn’t.

I went down a very dark path. I had just done a lot of partying. I had a very, very promiscuous past, and I kept trying to sort of heal myself through other people: “If I can get men to love me, then I’ll feel better about myself.” I didn’t really want anything to do with women.

And that’s one thing not everybody realizes, that not all transgenders are attracted to their same biological sex; actually a large percentage are attracted to their natural opposite sex, and I was as well. I really didn’t want anything to do with women at all at the time.

But before I had gone down this transgender road, I really had just become very sexual, and I was so broken. I really was trying to give anything they wanted to these men. The more I gave to them, the more they treated me like trash.

I didn’t understand why God places such value on us, especially as women, but also on men. And there is something so sacred about that marriage covenant. But I was giving it away for free, and I was just being treated like something completely disposable.

Through years of that and getting addicted to pornography and trying so hard . . It was just this addiction that was never getting any better, and it was just taking me to a deeper and darker place. Finally, I had this one horrible relationship.

We had gone on kind of a romantic weekend. I was just walking on eggshells. He was a severe alcoholic, and the whole thing had gone so bad. I remember thinking, You know, the reason that this never works out, the reason that I’m never happy in these relationships is because I was supposed to be the man! If I was the man, then I would show these men how a woman is supposed to be treated!

And this actually happens in transgenderism; it’s not always the case, there are a variety of reasons people have these feelings. But I can tell you that one is, there is actually a desire to be something you’re wanting for yourself.

I was desperately wanting a man to treat me with love and respect and to truly desire me. But because I wasn’t getting that, I decided to become that. Now, I didn’t realize that consciously at the time, really other than that one thought.

But once I embraced that and decided that’s who I was going to be, it was like a switch flipped. All of the sudden, all I thought was, “Yes! I was a man born in a woman’s body.” And I really bought the entire lie just hook, line, and sinker.

I started going to a support group. The first time I was there, they had me introduce myself. Within five minutes [people were saying], “Oh, you are definitely transgender!” Then I was worried that I would never look like a man.

I’ll never forget the leader of the group (who was also trans, who had a vested interest in other people believing they were trans) said, “Don’t worry about it! In a year or so of taking hormones, no one is ever going to know you were a girl!”

That’s what I had wanted to hear all my life, because it was painful that I had been a girl, and I wanted to escape that more than anything. I actually didn’t even want to be openly transgender. I wanted to be a man, and I didn’t want a single soul on planet Earth to know that I had ever been female.

I couldn’t escape the fact that my family knew, but I demanded that they called me Jake—that was my legal name at the time—or Jacob, and to use the male pronouns and all that. I would yell and scream at them, and I would try everything I could think of to try and get them on board.

The irony of it all, one point I want to make really strong tonight. We all know this, but I think we forget. The devil is a liar. He told my parents so many lies, and through me as well. But, I mean, just things he would whisper.

Some of it was their own thoughts, their own fears, things like that. They were always telling me, “You’re being so hateful!” I would tell them that, too. “You’re horrible parents!” “What kind of Christian parents are you!?” 

I lived that way almost nine years, and the reality is, the time that I felt most loved by them during the entire time was the night I came out to them, not the times that they did a lot of things right, They made some mistakes. There were some things they bought me and spent money on me that they probably shouldn’t have, because I was blowing through my money.

But the time that I actually felt most loved by them was the night I came out to them. And it ended up in a lot of tears and me blowing up and screaming. The reality was, though, I knew that they loved me too much to give in to my demands.

They were sobbing and begging and crying. They said, “We will get you help. We’ll do anything! Please, let us help you. Let us get you some counseling.” And I didn’t want anything to do with it. I remember thinking, “I wish they didn’t love me so much, because I just want to go do what I want to do!”

I didn’t want help, because I wanted to believe this was this answer, because I didn’t want to be female, because being female was painful. I ended up sort of cutting them out of my life for a while; it was on and off again. There would be long periods of time I wouldn’t talk to them, and then I would. 

I had this sort of “guilt meter,” as I called it. I would miss a birthday; I’d miss a holiday, and then I would feel guilty enough after a while that I would call them again, or we’d go out to dinner once in a while. 

So the Lord kept the door open, but it was not a good relationship, and I really wanted nothing to do with them. . .other than there was a part of me that wanted to keep the peace, there was a part of me that hoped for that relationship, but it was so broken at that point.

So I was sort of on my merry way, and I was living this dual life. When I was around my parents, they wouldn’t affirm me as this male identity, but everybody else now believed this is who I was.

I cut most of my friends out of my life.I was changing jobs. The more I would transition, the more I just had this male identity. Eventually it was only my partner and my family who knew I was trans. I started taking these hormones for almost nine years and had my name and gender legally changed.

In 2009, we went to San Francisco, and I had an outpatient double mastectomy. I’ll never forget that what seemed like the pinnacle of my life—this moment that I had longed for, for so many years, to affirm me as a man—really was a bit of a turning point.

I look back now, and I know that people were praying for me, because it was like everything that I was doing to go further into this lifestyle, the Lord was using to draw me back. I had an aunt that had written me an email days before I went.

She told me later that she knew I was going to get angry with her, and it might cost the relationship, but she felt compelled by the Lord to send this. She said something to the effect of, “Laura, please don’t do this. You are such a beautiful girl! You’re being deceived by the devil: please run away from this!”

I was so angry with her I didn’t talk to her for about three years, but I can tell you that it had a profound effect on my life. As I was laying there on the operating table and I was looking down at these purple dotted cut lines all over my chest where the doctor was about to cut me open, I thought, What if she’s right? What if I really am in the hands of Satan? What if I wake up in hell? I knew that any surgery has a potential risk. I had a friend who was a nurse, and she said anesthesia is actually a state between coma and death. She told me that not long before my surgery.

And I began to cry a little bit, not visible tears, but inside I was very terrified. For the first time in years I began to pray. It was the first time I had acknowledged God in a long time. I said, “God, I know this is not your will, but I have to do this. This is who I am. Please, spare my life.” 

God honored that prayer. I was so excited when I woke up; I was so relieved! People now will tell me that I was really never transgender, because they don’t want to believe that anybody can be set free of this. 

And I was like, “You all just don’t understand. I really thought there was a real chance I could wake up in hell, but I was so determined that this was who I was, that I was willing to roll the dice.” I was absolutely convinced this was the only course I had.

But you know, when I woke up, I quickly forgot God, and I forgot my prayer. I was on my merry way. I thought I was going to ride off into the sunset of eternal freedom in this new identity. But God didn’t forget me, and He didn’t forget my prayer.

A few weeks later I had gone back to work. My boss at the time, she was a lesbian. She was very pro-LGBT. She’d helped me plan the trip; she was excited for me. I had been employee of the month before. She just loved me.

But a few weeks after the surgery, she came to me one day and she got in my face and she said, “Look! I don’t know what’s going on here, but you’re depressed. You’re moping around; you’re not working as hard; you’re unmotivated. I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but I want the old Jake back!”

I was stunned: “What are you talking about? I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life!” I blew her off and thought, Whatever, I’m still recovering from surgery. I’m fine. I went home that night so mad and I thought, What is she seeing in me that I’m not seeing in myself?

This is the reality I see in so many people that live as transgender: they will tell everyone they’re happy, but the reality is they’re actually very depressed. I began to realize I actually had been very depressed. I’d been telling myself I wasn’t, but I had realized that my surgery hadn’t made me a man.

I felt so stupid! I remember thinking, Why did I think that cutting off part of my body was going to make me a man? I remember looking at my birth certificate and my driver’s license that said now, that I was male. But I knew the truth. I knew that nothing had changed, except that I no longer had breasts.

So I thought, Well, maybe another year of hormones, maybe eventually this will be real, it just needs a little more time. So another year of hormones goes by, and I still realize how fake all this is. It’s not really solving the problem. The gender dysphoria is really not any better. In fact, it was worse in a lot of ways, because now everybody believes that I’m a man, but I still know I’m living a lie.

Eventually I thought, Well, it’s because I have all of these female organs, so once all the female organs are gone, I’ll no longer have the female hormones, then I will be a man. So in 2012, I had all the female organs removed, and that still didn’t fix it, and I was devastated when I realized that wasn’t going to work either.

As I began to look at the final surgery, which I had planned to have all along, what they call “genital reassignment”—which really should be called “genital mutilation”—no one had told me how horrific these surgeries are and the damage that they do to people and how they maim people.

These surgeries—I couldn’t even describe, and I won’t describe here in the church—but I can tell you, this is not something you would want on your worst enemy. Especially for girls, it’s very artificial. Not only that, they’ve had serious complications.

There is one girl I’ve seen on youtube who has had thirty-one corrective surgeries because it has gone so bad . . . and she’s not the only one. And on top of that, they said that there was a very high possibility to lose all sexual feeling. I was devastated, like, “Now what?”

Here I was, halfway transitioned. What was I supposed to do now? No one had ever told me what I was supposed to expect. I really hadn’t even thought about the fact that I was not going to be able to father my own children. I just hadn’t thought about it all the way through, biologically. I was so devastated.

I remember feeling like some kind of freak in-between. I really began to understand I was never going to be a man, but I didn’t want to be a woman. I thought, Well, this is the best life is ever going to get. I was very depressed. I think if it wasn’t for my partner, I might have been very suicidal.

People will try to scare parents into saying, “If you don’t let your child transition, they will commit suicide.” Well, studies have shown that actually suicide rates are equal—some studies have shown a little lower, some have shown higher—but at least, very high rates of suicide after surgeries. Because, they realize what I did.

There have been thousands; I’m not the only one. There are thousands upon thousands that regret their sex change. Walt Heyer, who started Sex Change Regret . . . I think it was over a hundred thousand people who have come to his website, thousands upon thousands have regretted it, and you never hear these stories.

I didn’t know what to do about it. Now, God had been working on me throughout the years, sort of softening me to the idea of God, but I didn’t want to be a Christian. But I was sort of open to it a little bit.

My mom had asked me to make a website for her Bible study at one point. I was barely in contact with them at all. Again, this is not the story of how my mother figured out how to fix me. In fact, she had tried to fix me all of my life, and this was really the first time she was not trying to fix me! 

The night that I came out as transgender really began to change her life. She had really surrendered her life to the Lord in a new way to allow Him to work through her. As I began to work on the website, I began to read her lessons. And as I began to read her lessons, I began to see for the first time in my life the heart and the character of God.

I began to see something I’d never seen before about God. I began to call and ask her questions and as I did. I realized that my mom had changed! I asked her what had happened to her, and she began to tell me how she had been transformed. 

Really, it was at that moment that I knew the gospel was true.I knew that Christ was alive, because I could see the transforming power in my mother. I went home that night and began to confess my sins. I really didn’t believe that God would save me. I thought, I’ve done too much, I’ve been too bad!

But as I began to cry and to pray—and over the next couple of days I kept praying—the Lord intervened in my life in such a radical way when I truly put my faith and trust in Him. I talk about the experience a little more in the book.

I was so radically transformed. I knew I was never going to be the same! My desires, everything, began to change about me when I gave my heart to Christ. He changed me so completely that I knew I was a brand-new person!

I remember reading the verse in 2 Corinthians 5:17 where it says, “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature: old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new” (NKJV). And I knew I was brand new! 

But I didn’t know what to do about this transgender identity. I’d go, “Okay, God, I recognize this wasn’t Your will, but I don’t know what to do about it now. I’m kind of stuck this way. I’ve had these surgeries, I’m legally male.” I had all this facial hair, I was only known as male in society.

So I just kept sweeping the conviction under the rug. I was just sort of not dealing with it, but God kept drawing my heart. It was funny; we like to pick out one or two little passages and twist the words. But I can tell you, when the Holy Spirit gets hold of you, every verse in the Bible began to convict me of how I was living, because the entire Bible pits one idea against the other.

Romans [from chapter 1] says you will either worship the Creator, or you will worship the creature in some form. God was basically asking me, “Are you going to identify how I created you, or how you want to create yourself?” How I had wanted to create myself hadn’t worked out too well for me.

I really came under such heavy conviction. For about two months I begged the Lord with all my heart to take my life. I just didn’t see any way out. I’d seen myself in sort of this deep, dark pit that I couldn’t get out of. I could see a lot at the top, but I didn’t have any way to get there.

I was just devastated. I said, “Lord, I have no way out!” It reminded me of Matthew chapter 16:24–26 (KJV), where it says, 

If any [one] will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and [forfeit] his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

I knew the Lord was asking me to just walk away from everything, and I didn’t know what to do. I could just picture my life as this ash heap of brokenness. I said, “Lord, if You can do anything with my life, it’s Yours, whatever You want of me.”

I had a clear vision of Jesus getting down on one knee; He reached His hand down into this pit I was in, and He asked me, “Do you trust Me?” 

And I said, “Ohh, Lord . . . okay.” I literally just walked away from everything, walked away from that entire lifestyle, walked away from everything I had known for almost a decade—my partner, my job, that identity—and I walked away to follow Jesus Christ. At first I felt like I was absolutely dying. I grieved and I grieved and I grieved. It was harder than anything I have ever done in my life. 

But as the Lord began to heal me and began to set me free and began to show me who I truly was, it began to do such a work in me! I began to get so free! And I remember thinking, I never thought this was possible! 

I could not have foreseen the freedom the Lord would give me. I stand here today, and I have no desire to go back! He has completely healed and set me free, and it has been all through the work of Jesus Christ, as He has discipled me and He has taught me His Word.

I just want to encourage anybody out there struggling. Romans 12:1–2 says, “I beseech you therefore, brethren . . . [to] present your bodies [as] a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service . . .and be transformed by the renewing of your mind . . .” (KJV).

Psalm 107:20 is my life verse; it says, “He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions” (KJV). It was the Word of God that healed me and delivered me, and I can tell you that freedom truly is possible if you will surrender fully to Jesus Christ and to His Word.

Not everybody has the feelings go away entirely, sometimes it takes many years. But I can tell you there is true freedom in Christ! Thank you all, thank you for coming and listening. 

Nancy: Wow! I remember being so deeply stirred the first time I heard this story! What an amazing testimony of the healing, delivering work of God in the life of Laura Perry. We’re going to be hearing more from Laura throughout this week on Revive Our Hearts. You won’t want to miss any of it.

I’m so excited to announce that Laura will be sharing her story at Revive ’21, coming up in October, as we talk about how to be grounded in our view of gender and sexuality. We’re living in a world that is so deeply confused on this subject.

It’s a beautiful thing to see, now that Laura has walked through this journey herself, how the Lord is equipping and enabling her to help others as they think through this whole subject. You can get more information at about how to sign up forRevive ’21, either in person in Indianapolis or joining us via the livestream.

The seats are quickly selling out for the live experience, so if you want to be with us there in Indy, it would be a good thing to sign up for that now. But even if you can’t be there, I do hope that you’ll join us for the livestream experience of Revive ’21, as we talk about how to be grounded in Christ and in His Word.

Dannah: I’m so excited about that, Nancy! I want to point out, too, that Laura Perry shares her journey in her book titled Transgender to Transformed. I’ve read it, and I encourage you to get a copy, read it, share it with a friend. This is such an important issue.

And this week, that book is our thank you for your donation to help support the ministry of Revive Our Hearts. If you want to make a donation, visit, or call us at 1–800–569–5959. 

Nancy: And, Dannah, let me just jump in here to say that it’s not just people who are dealing with transgender issues in their own family who need to read a book like this or hear this story. 

All of us need to be getting familiar with this whole subject and how the grace of God and the wisdom of God’s truth can be applied to these very timely, important issues that are affecting all of us one way or the other. 

This is a ministry about biblical womanhood, and we want to help and equip women to understand what God’s good design is, what that looks like, and how we can experience it. I’ve read this book, too, by Laura Perry and I want to highly recommend it as one way of getting better acquainted with this whole issue and struggle. 

Transgender to Transformed is what it’s called, and again, we’d be happy to share it with you as you make a donation of any amount to help support the ministry of Revive Our Hearts.

Dannah: And while you’re there, check out more information about the Worldwide Day of Prayer for the Prodigal taking place tomorrow, June.

If you want to join others in crying out to the Lord for those who have wandered from the faith, just go to the transcript of today’s Revive Our Hearts program, and there you’ll see a link to the Worldwide Day of Prayer for the Prodigal.

Nancy: Yes, and I hope that many of our listeners will join in that tomorrow. And then, tomorrow here on Revive Our Hearts, we’ll hear from Laura’s mother, Francine Perry. She’ll share what she was thinking and feeling when Laura announced that she was transitioning to become “Jake,” and you’ll find out how the Lord was working in Francine’s heart during that long nine-year period.

I know that conversation is going to be a great encouragement to anyone who loves a prodigal. And regardless of whether there’s a prodigal in your life or not, you will celebrate the grace of God as you hear Francine’s story. Be sure and be with us tomorrow for Revive Our Hearts.

Revive Our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth wants to help women experience true deliverance and healing. Our program is an outreach of Life Action Ministries. 

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About the Teachers

Mary Kassian

Mary Kassian

Mary Kassian is an award-winning author, an internationally-renowned speaker, and a frequent guest on Revive Our Hearts. She has written more than a dozen books and Bible studies, including Conversation Peace, Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild, and The Right Kind of Strong.

Mary and her husband, Brent, have three sons and six grandchildren and live in Alberta, Canada. The Kassians enjoy biking, hiking, snorkeling, music, board games, mountains, campfires, and their family’s black lab, "The Queen of Sheba."

Dannah Gresh

Dannah Gresh

When Dannah Gresh was eight years old, she began praying that God would use her as a Bible teacher for “the nations.” When she sees the flags of many countries waving at a Revive Our Hearts event, it feels like an answer to her prayer.

Dannah is the founder of True Girl which provides tools for moms and grandmothers to disciple their 7–12 year-old girls. On Monday nights, you’ll find Dannah hosting them in her online Bible study. She has authored over twenty-eight books, including Ruth: Becoming a Girl of Loyalty, Lies Girls Believe, and a Bible study for adult women based on the book of Habakkuk. She and her husband, Bob, live on a hobby farm in central Pennsylvania.

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Laura Perry

Laura Perry

Laura Perry is a former transgender whose message of transformation through Jesus Christ to restore her feminine identity can relate to those who struggle, those who have transitioned, parents and loved ones, and those in the church who want to reach them. Her story is told in her autobiography, Transgender to Transformed. Above all, her goal is to glorify Christ and tell others how He can overcome any sin or struggle. She encourages others to surrender their lives fully to Jesus and identify as who He created them to be. She also works to expose unbiblical thinking regarding sexuality and aids legislation to protect children from these lies. Laura currently serves on the staff of First Stone Ministries in Oklahoma City.