Revive Our Hearts Podcast

Getting to Know Nancy, Part 3

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: I began to envision what if thousands and thousands of us as women would say "We don't have to be in control, we surrender our lives to the Lordship of Christ. We are willing to gladly embrace His calling in our lives, to be thankful women, to be surrendered women, to be submissive in the relationships that require that, to be spirit-filled women, to have a spirit of meekness and quietness that the Scripture says is what makes a woman beautiful to God "(1Pet. 3:4).

I began to envision a kind of counter-revolution if you will, and I said to women, "This is the revolution that doesn't require that you go march in the streets or that you write your congressman. In fact, you don't even have to leave your house to be a part of this revolution."

For some women it may mean coming back into their homes to become women of influence through our prayers, through our faith, through our obedience, through our surrender to the Lordship of Christ. I believe that when we as women take our place in seeking Christ, in loving Him, in influencing others to love Him, then the men around us, the children whose lives we influence, will be motivated to want to love Christ. I often hear women express that their frustration is that men won't be spiritual leaders. You've probably heard that in your ministry there at FamilyLife and so many women are frustrated with "If I didn't take the reins in my home no one would."

I really believe that when we as women begin to model those surrendered, meek, gracious, loving, kind, wise ways of God, then men are going to be motivated to take the kind of leadership that we as women have really been longing that they would.

On the other extreme of that pendulum, (men) becoming dictatorial and controlling and even abusive, but we also have the effects of the curse on us as women where God said to Eve, "Your drive will be to rule over the man"(Gen.3:16). So I think it's intuitive, instinctive to our fallen natures as women to manipulate, to control, to have to be in charge. So the power of the cross, the power of the Gospel and the redeemed life says to men, "Here's how you can love your wife, here's how you can lead in a way that is Christlike." It says to the woman, "Here is how you can lay down your rights, relinquish control of your life and the lives of those around you and become a responder to male leadership." By both men and women understanding and embracing the biblical teaching of our roles, then we have something that is of great beauty. 

Particularly as it relates to women, I want women to know the love of Christ, how the Gospel of Christ has implications in their lives that can be lived out in the dailyness of life and in the routines of life; to adore Christ, how they can have that intimate relationship with Him and then how as His Bride, we can reflect His beauty and His glory and the wonder of who He is and of His truth; how we can reflect that to a lost world. I love that passage in Psalms 67, which really ties together this whole concept of revival, and the Bride of Christ. Where the psalmist prays "Oh God be merciful to us and bless us and cause your face to shine upon us" (Ps. 67:2). That's revival, our freshly seeing Christ for who He is.

What's the purpose? Not just so we can enjoy this, not just so we can be happier, but he goes on to say in verse 2, "So that your ways may be known upon earth, your saving health among all nations." There are several billion people on this planet that know nothing about the saving grace and mercy of Christ, who are headed for a Christless eternity. I just believe if we can give God freedom to have His way in our lives as women, then the implications of that in the lives of men and children and our grandchildren and generations to come will be such that millions and millions will be born into the Kingdom of Christ. Ultimately that's how God is glorified.

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