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From a Daughter's Heart: Nancy Shares About Her Father

Leslie Basham: What do you appreciate about your father?


He always took time out of his day to just give me a hug whenever I needed it.

My father was a godly man in that he took time to pray with our family.

I appreciate that my dad took me out on father-daughter dates.

Whenever I'm feeling down, he's always there to cheer me up.

I appreciate my dad's knowledge of automobiles 'cause he was always there to help me get mine fixed when I was a teenager.

My father was always a very strong Christian leader in the family, but he was also very affectionate.

I'm able to go to my father, and he's willing to help me in any way that he possibly can.

He operated on the gentleman's agreement, so if he said something to you, you could count on it. A handshake was just as …

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