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Falling for Lies

Leslie Basham: Before you know it, spring will be here. Serious gardeners are already planning what they’re going to plant. Serious gardeners like Erin Davis.

Erin Davis: I grow green beans. I grow potatoes. I grow tomatoes. I grow corn. I grow beets. I grow turnips for my husband’s grandmother. She loves my turnip gardens. I grow herbs. I grow onions.

Carolyn McCulley: You go, girl. Wow! I’m impressed.

Leslie: Erin was with a group of friends talking about gardening—friends like Carolyn McCulley.

Carolyn: I do container gardening. By this I mean I buy one new container a year and put it out. Where I used to live in Maryland, I would have it out. I felt like I was running a deer salad bar. They always knew exactly when I was going to have dinner guests over, and they’d munch everything straight down. I’d be like, “These are my …

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Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

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