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The Encounter That Changes Everything

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Leslie Basham: Last month we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. Why the big celebration?

Erin Davis: What’s the big deal about the resurrection? Why does it matter that Mary encountered a risen Savior so many years ago? Because it’s the one piece of the puzzle that makes everything else make sense.

Leslie: Erin Davis is about to explain why. This is Revive Our Hearts for Wednesday, May 14, 2014.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss:  It has been such a joy to have Erin Davis with us over these past several sessions, teaching us about some women in the New Testament who encountered Jesus and how those encounters changed their lives. Erin’s a real significant part of Revive Our Hearts. She ministers to young women through the Lies Young Women Believe blog.

That is a crucial part of our outreach because we’re reaching young women …

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