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Leslie Basham: Erin Davis was the wife of a youth pastor, and she asked her students what they wanted to study.

Erin Davis: Megan, who is a daughter of my heart, said, “I would love to know how to feel better about my body, and I said, “Anything but that!”

Leslie: Even as a youth worker, Erin was hiding her own eating disorder.

Erin: So I said, “Can you give me a couple weeks? I'll get back to you.” 

Leslie: You're listening to Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss for Tuesday, March 23. A powerful lineup of speakers is getting set to address the crowd at the True Woman conference in Chattanooga in a couple of days, and they include today's guest. She'll be addressing the youth. Here's Nancy to introduce her.

Nancy: We're talking this week with Erin Davis, who many of you know as the co-author …

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