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Cancer and Contentment, Part 1

Leslie Basham: Towards the end of last summer, Jenny Melby and her mom, Karen, came to the Revive Our Hearts studio for an interview. Jenny had just crossed Lake Michigan on a paddleboard. Maybe you remember the conversation.

Karen Melby: So I knelt on the squishy life jacket, hung over the back door of the fiberglass boat with my rain coat on. As the rain was coming sideways on me, I was miserable. But I’m looking at my daughter, and I’m thinking, I’m on the boat. She’s out there working hard.

Leslie: Well, not long after that interview, Karen’s husband, Scott Melby told her about some physical symptoms he was having. He was about to embark on a very different kind of journey, one that would test Karen’s faith yet again.

Karen: Scott had not been feeling well. He was actually not feeling well the weekend of that …

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