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Birth Pangs

Due to the timeliness of this material, this transcript may contain additional material not aired on the actual radio program.

Leslie Basham: As any woman who has given birth knows, labor pangs don't let up. They get more intense and more frequent until suddenly all the pain is rewarded by the joy of a new life.

This is Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

Crises in the Persian Gulf and in North Korea come as no surprise to God. In fact, the Bible tells us that wars and rumors of wars will continue and intensify, kind of like labor pains. Here's Nancy to explain.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: In these days of heightened terrorist threats and international conflicts taking place all over the globe, we all want to know what's going to happen, what can we expect?

In fact, you may be one of those people who just, first thing …

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