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Becoming a Gospel Patron

Leslie Basham: Here’s Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth. 

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth: Do you have a heart for Jesus? Do you have a heart for the good news, a heart for the gospel . . . to go out and change lives? Don’t underestimate the value of using whatever means God may have given you to help advance the gospel.

Leslie: This is Revive Our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, author of The Quiet Place, for Tuesday, February 12, 2019.

Nancy’s in day two of a series called "The Beauty of a Generous Heart."

Nancy: We’re looking at just a short little paragraph in Luke chapter 8, the first three verses. If you missed yesterday’s session, you can go to You can read the transcript; you can listen to the audio.

We’re picking up in this passage, looking at these women who supported Jesus. Let me read the passage, and …

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Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth has touched the lives of millions of women through two nationally syndicated radio programs heard each day—Revive Our Hearts and Seeking Him. Her books have sold more than five million copies. Through her writing, podcasts, … read more …