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Are You a Proud Person or a Broken Person?

Julie Denker: Every other year we go out to CSU. After a while they tend to run together, but this particular year that certainly wasn't the case.

Leslie Basham: The year was 1995. Julie Denker was at staff training as a member of Cru—at the time, known as Campus Crusade for Christ. They meet every other summer on the campus of Colorado State University.

Julie: I had never heard Nancy Leigh DeMoss speak before. So I went into the meeting on a Monday and remember this petite woman in a red blazer speaking powerfully. And God was just using her to soften my heart and to teach me about brokenness. I'd never heard a message like that before.

Recording of Nancy Leigh DeMoss in 1995: In recent weeks I have found God searching my own heart. I've gone before Him many times and said, "Oh God, show me what it …

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