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And Then I Had Teenagers: An Interview With Susan Yates, Part 3

Leslie Basham: If your teenager grows up to be just like you, what kind of person will he or she become? This is Revive Our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss for Wednesday, April 24.

Parents have a tremendous amount of influence on their children. They learn what's important to us by watching what we do and by listening to what we say, and much of who our children become is determined by what they perceive our values to be. Today Nancy asks Susan for her insights on passing along Christian faith to our children.

Nancy DeMoss: A week or so ago I got a phone call from a woman who identified herself as a homeschool mom with six children. She said that her oldest daughter, a teenager, has just left home in rebellion. Now this mom was calling to say, "I've got five more coming behind, and I've got to have …

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