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What Do I Owe You?

Laura Booz: Okay, my high school Physics teacher, Mr. Ralphs, may have had a ring of gray hair around his head, he may have had retirement in his eye, but he was a kid at heart. He made physics fun. 

I mean, while we were learning forces and energy, centripetal . . . cen-trip-etal . . . it was complicated—centripetal force. We built Rube Goldberg Machines, and Van de Graaff Generators.

In his free time, Mr. Ralphs even made toys. I mean, those smart kids, hand-whittled toys, with physics principles hidden inside. He’d bring them to class for us to play with and enjoy.

We even memorized formulas to the rhythm of the feathered head of the handcrafted drinking bird on his desk.

Can’t you just see it there? Well, I can, dipping down and up, down and up. 

So, you probably won’t be surprised that the most impactful thing …

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Laura Booz

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