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Marriage . . . with a Chainsaw

Laura Booz: Any chance you’re looking for a great conversation starter for your next dinner party with kids? Well, I have one that you can keep in your back pocket. 

Here it is. Okay, you’re going to ask each guest to share the title of their favorite book, but here’s the thing, they have to add a special line to it. They have to add the phrase, “. . . with a chainsaw.” 

My kids love this. So, Peter Rabbit becomes Peter Rabbit . . . with a Chainsaw. And Anne of Green Gables becomes Anne of Green Gables . . . with a Chainsaw. There’s just something about putting a power tool in the main character’s hands that changes everything. Suddenly, they’ve got focus in their eyes and purpose in their step. They are on a mission, and they will stare down danger to get there. 

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