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Into the Wild

Laura Booz: We recently went to an indoor waterpark where our kids zipped down the waterslides and floated in tubes around the lazy river. They played keep-away in the basketball pool. They balanced on giant floating plastic lilypads. And they bravely endured a giant bucket of water dumping on their heads. 

And then, they discovered the wave pool. 

Hi there! You’re listening to Expect Something Beautiful with Laura Booz. I hope today’s episode stirs your spirit. 

A wave pool is basically an indoor swimming pool with a cement floor and chlorinated water, but it’s in the shape of a beach or a shoreline. When the waves are turned off, the swimmers play tag and relax and chat. 

Then every fifteen minutes, a bell rings and everyone screams with glee and a series of steady waves mysteriously emerges from the wall in the deep end. 

Swimmers rise and fall and …

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Laura Booz

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