When Surrender Goes Viral

On a Sunday morning you sit beside a friend and ask about her granchildren. She shares some high-lights: a new job, a recent engagement, and graduation with honors. Then a couple comes forward to dedicate their newborn to the Lord.  

You remember what it was like when your children still fit in your arms. But that was before rebellion, before addiction, and before your child cut you out of his life. As your pastor prays for the young family, you bow your head and silently cry out to the Lord for the lost child you will never stop loving.

What does it look like for a mother to release her children to the Lord when they are five, twenty-five, or fifty-five? How does a mom surrender her kids to Christ once they’re old enough to make their own choices—those that break her heart?

Nancy addressed those questions in the podcast episode “A Legacy of Dedication.” “It’s a mother’s instinct,” Nancy said, “to gather her children around and try to protect them.” But when the instinct emerges to pull them back and take back control, it’s time to say, “Lord, this child is Yours.”

When this teaching aired, quotes from the program were published on the Revive Our Hearts social media accounts. Four words stopped the scroll of thousands of women: “For the Praying Mother.” The truth Nancy shared offered weary mothers renewed perspective, and it encouraged them to surrender their children to the Lord.

God has continued to use this viral social media post to speak truth to faithful mothers and grandmothers. Praying Mom, the Lord sees your heart. As Nancy says, “Don’t ever stop praying for your children.”