Gospel Fruit Underground

Two sisters are busy selling fruit out of their small shop. Behing the counter sits a black box. From it, a clear voice teaches from God's Word. Customers take notice. They start coming to the shop for more than produce. Eager to hear more of the voices streaming from the speaker, they return day after day as God's truth begins to take root and produce lasting fruit in their hearts and lives.

This is a snapshot of how God is working through Revive Our Hearts in one of the most closed countries in the world. A year ago, our ministry began a partnership with leaders in this country that is so marked by hostility toward the gospel, it cannot be named publicly. All Christian work in this area is underground. Since then, translators have produced 272 of Nancy’s half-hour teaching podcasts and sixty-four of Nancy’s teaching videos in the nation’s native language. Content is then distributed to house churches and small groups via small speaker boxes, wifi SD cards, and shortwave radio.

Even where official doors are closed to our message, hearts are open and responding to the message that freedom, fullness, and fruitfulness can be found in Christ.