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Women's Ministry Leader Survival Guide

While ministry is a precious joy and privilege, it isn't necessarily easy. Whatever your leadership role entails, there's no avoiding the challenges that inevitably arise. Even on the most brave days in ministry, our heroic feats can fall short. It is our hope that this Survival Guide will be a pocket tool God employs to deliver you from trouble and lead you to Jesus. The battle belongs to Him.

10 Truths to Set Leaders Free

We live in an age of relative truth and fake news. What a catastrophic mess we've made by blurring the lines between Truth and lies! This is why we must be vigilant to seek and find the Truth that is real—God's Truth revealed in the Holy Scriptures. The stakes are sky-high. We either defend the Truth—or dilute and even distort it. This Ebook is a crusade to set you free from the common lies that women in leadership tend to fall for.

Small Group Leadership Made Simple

Leading a small group is tricky. You're trying to take the study at hand, present it in a way that's beneficial to the participants' walk with Christ, while also making it interesting as you present to people with varying personalities—all the while trying to build relationships. Whew! It's enough to make any potential small group leader sweat. This ebook contains techniques and approaches gathered from Revive Our Hearts Ambassadors and staff members. We trust you'll find ideas to tailor to your own group.

Living Life Together: A Four-Week Jumpstart Guide to Mentoring

Living out the gospel together in Titus 2 community can be exciting and daunting all at once. You don't need to be a seminary grad. Scripture doesn't even limit the age requirement for being an "older woman." Gain practical wisdom and ideas from Revive Our Hearts Ambassadors and Staff who share what's worked for them (and what hasn't). We hope you'll be inspired to seek out a mentoring friendship of your own.

Leader Challenges

Faithful to the Finish Line (10-Day Challenge)

Walk through Hebrews 12:1–3 to train yourself to "fix your eyes on Jesus to the finish line."

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The 30-Day Journey Through the True Woman Manifesto

Practically live out the principles of biblical womanhood

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Revive Our Hearts carefully selects and recommends resources that we believe are true to the Scripture and will help people grow in their faith.

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Nothing will deepen your women’s ministry like the study of God’s Word.

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