A Call to Revival

Pastor Bill Elliff looks at the serious needs of our world today and explains why revival represents true hope.


A Highway for Our God

Nancy describes the comfort God provides His people when they’re reeling from the challenges of life.

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A Skeptic’s Cry for Revival

Do you neglect to pray for revival because you don’t believe it could actually happen?


A Vision for Revival

Various people use the term “revival” to mean different things. But understanding true revival is important.

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Common Questions Asked About Revival

Answers to common questions we receive at Revive Our Hearts about revival.


How to Cry Out wth Passion, Power, and Faith

Bryon shares about prayer—the one hope for revival.

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I Have a Dream . . .

I dream of a mighty spiritual movement in this nation. Something that history would record—not just in human writing, but in heavenly records.

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OneCry: A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

OneCry is a nationwide call for spiritual awakening, a cry to the Lord to manifest His glory and work with extraordinary power


Seeking Him Book

In this twelve-week workbook, you'll learn what the Scriptures say on twelve crucial topics.


Seeking Him (Twelve-Part Series)

Are you seeking Him with intensity? Discover the joys and benefits of seeking God.


Seeking the Lord for Spiritual Awakening

Nancy shows you what it means to seek the Lord and then explains how to seek the Lord more fervently.


When Do We Need Revival?

Evaluate what you really love with the help of these 40 evidences.


When God Revives a Heart, with Richard Owen Roberts

How do you know that you’ve truly encountered God? Richard Owen Roberts joins Nancy to discuss the marks of genuine revival.


When Revival Comes

Hear dramatic accounts of how God has intervened in some of the darkest moments of history to call people into the Kingdom.