Leadership Resources: Emotions

30 Things I've Learned About Emotions

Paula Marsteller

I got to thinking about what I know about emotions. Here are thirty things that made my list.

75 Blog Posts for the Christian Girl

Samantha Keller

Are you searching for answers or wrestling through emotions, but don’t even know where to start? Here are seventy-five blog posts to help.

A Resolve to Believe

Karen Loritts

Karen describes how fear affected her spiritually, emotionally, and physically, and how God used James 4:7–10 to lead her beyond the fear to a stronger faith in Him. 

Faith Over Feelings

Lara d’Entremont

Christ is unchanging and trustworthy. Our feelings are forever shifting and influenced. Which will we look to?

How to Control Runaway Emotions

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Your emotions don't have to control you.

Meet Jealousy's Hostile Sidekick

Erin Davis

We will continue to be easily angered until we get a firm grasp on how God sees us, and how He calls us to treat the people around us.

Mister Kitty!!

Paula Marsteller

Short of moving to a planet with no kitties, people, or other irritations, what's to be done about this anger spewing out of us?

Six Steps for When Your Emotions Spiral Out of Control

Darla Wilkinson

Many times our heart does not grasp what our head knows to be true.

What Makes You Angry?

Paul David Tripp

Paul shows you how to avoid sinning out of anger by leading you in an examination of your heart.

When Disappointment Digs Ditches in Your Heart

Samantha Keller

However disappointment comes, whatever package it’s wrapped in, it’s always an unwelcome visitor.

When Fear Is Pressing in on Your Heart

Elisha Galotti

Is fear pressing in on your heart? There is hope.

Your Thought Closet Makeover

Jennifer Rothschild

What we've placed in our thought closets is what we clothe our lives with.