Finding Joy in the Journey as a Pastor's Wife

Holly Elliff

Kimberly Wagner

Holly Elliff and Kim Wagner invite you to join them as they share lessons they've learned in their journey as pastor's wives.

How to Survive the Ministry

Karen Waddles

Find joy and peace amidst the often tumultuous waters of ministry.


Erin Davis

I know you’ve faced unrealistic expectations, unfair standards, and harsh criticism.

'I Haven’t Seen Them for A While'

Jani Ortlund

How can we keep serving our King and His people well when we give and give but it never seems to be enough?

One Thing Every Pastor's Wife Can Give

Elisha Galotti

There are times as a pastor's wife when I feel overwhelmed and incapable all at once. Maybe you know the feeling.

Pastors’ Wives Need Discipleship, Too

Nikki Daniel

Sure, all Christians need discipleship. But how does the pastor’s wife fit in?

The Pastor's Wife and Her Family

Holly Elliff

Hear from a pastor's wife and mother of eight, on balancing the demands of ministry with family.

The Pastor's Wife and Her Walk with God

Kimberly Wagner

A vibrant spiritual life gives you the strength to reach out to the needs in the congregation.

Thick Skin, Tender Heart

Elisha Galotti

What does the pastor's wife—and every woman—need most of all?

True Confessions of a Pastor's Wife

Erin Davis

I know all about unrealistic expectations, excess criticism, and the identity crisis that being a family in ministry can cause.