Leadership Resources: Developing as a Leader

30 Truths for Leaders

Erin Davis

Be the leader God has called you to be.

3 Terrible Ways to Measure Your Ministry

Erin Davis

Is your ministry to others a success? Here are three terrible ways to measure that.

4 Powerful Ways to Pray Like Jesus

Leslie Bennett

The true test of leadership is settled in the prayer closet. In John 17, Jesus graciously unveils how to intercede for those following in our footsteps.

A Call to Live Like People Matter

Erin Davis

The fact that Jesus always seemed to make time for others doesn't always sit well with me. That's because valuing people isn't one of my strong suits.

All Other Ground Is Sinking Sand

Shannon Popkin

Integrity is like a load-bearing foundation for life.

A Personal Vitality Plan

Del Fehsenfeld

Christian growth and spirituality is about the whole person. This plan addresses the body, soul, and spirit.

A Prayer for the Start of the Ministry Year

Christina Fox

Bringing our women and our ministries before the throne of grace is the most important thing we can do.

Called to Lead?

Linda Green

Explore the marks of a gospel-centered women's ministry.

Crying Out from a Heart of Brokenness

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Discover how acknowledgement of need is something that makes us eligible to receive the grace of God.

Cutting Edge Commitments

Revive Our Hearts Staff Writers

We're committed to serving the Lord with excellence. These twelve values are an important part of our ministry DNA and guide how we operate in all areas.

Discerning Truth in a World of Deception

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Nancy will help us to faithfully understand the Truth and not be deceived by error.

Fanning the Flame

Denise Kohlmeyer

God calls us to “fan into flame” our spiritual gifts so that we burn white-hot in our ministries and thus ignite a supernatural transformation in the hearts and lives of those we serve

Finishing Strong

Susan Hunt

Be encouraged to continue strong in the privileges, opportunities, and responsibilities of ministry.

Four Lies Leaders Believe

Leslie Bennett

When leaders slip and trip over lies, there are debilitating consequences for the ministries and women we serve.

Four Traits of Leaders

Crawford Loritts

Pastor Loritts shares four traits that every great man or woman of God had in common.

God Will Open the Doors for You to Serve

Shannon Popkin

What if you long to serve in a certain capacity, but you haven’t been asked? Five guidelines to help you wait for God’s timing with a willing spirit.

His Word in My Heart, with Janet Pope

Janet Pope

Are you ever kept from memorizing Scripture because you lack the time, ability, or discipline? Janet Pope felt like she had none of those, yet this busy mom who didn’t feel confident remembering things went on to memorize fourteen books of the Bible and 121 chapters. Find out how she did it.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Pastor's Preaching

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Read practical suggestions from Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth on how to prepare your heart before you even go to church.

How to Lead God's Family with Care

Leslie Bennett

Our sisters deserve nothing less than our diligent–and yet delicate–care.

Is Your View of God as High as You Think?

Jean Wilund

When we fix our eyes on who God is and obey His Word, our view of Him shifts back to where it belongs.

Knowing Your Group

Check out these tips on understanding your group dynamics, meeting the needs of your group, and drawing out the best in each individual.

Leading Women in the Local Church

Susan Hunt

Leslie Bennett

Linda Green

Glean wisdom from three seasoned leaders who have faithfully served in ministry for many years.

Loving Your First Circle of Ministry

Monica Hall

We all have people in our lives whom we are called to serve outside the "official realm" of ministry.

Marks of an Anointed Ministry

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Teaching God's Word isn't just about conveying information. Nancy Leigh DeMoss shows you why it's important to ask God to transform hearts through your ministry.

Ministering When It's Inconvenient

Erin Davis

Have you ever considered how often Jesus ministered when it was inconvenient?

One Verse at a Time: My Journey Through Philippians

Monica Hall

I knew it was finally time to obey what God had been prompting me to do for a year—start memorizing Scripture.

Portrait of an Effective Servant: 12 Ministry Characteristics

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

It's easy for people in ministry to drift and to think ministry is about us rather than the Lord. Nancy will help us stay on course by showing us marks of an effective servant.

Potential Pitfalls of Ministry

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Nancy identifies pitfalls that can cause the Lord's servants to falter or even be sidelined.

Repentance Is a Posture

Kelly Needham

Knowing God exposes our indwelling depravity. And therefore, knowing God requires repentance.

Responding to a Rahab with the Heart of God

Shannon Popkin

Here are three things we can learn from Rahab’s story that will help us respond to women who, because of their past or background, seem like unlikely candidates for God to write into our story, much less His.

Strengthen Your Faith

Crawford Loritts

Believe God even when others have a difficult time doing that.

Teaching the Word in Fear and Fearlessness

Jen Wilkin

Are you called to teach God's Word to women? Jen Wilkin shows you why you need both a healthy fear and a fearlessness as you take on this awesome responsibility. 

The Gift of a Friend’s Rebuke

Kelly Needham

Rebuke stings. But it also corrects and redirects, and we’re right to respond wisely.

The Greatest Work You Can Do in College

Kelly Needham

College is often a season marked by the busyness of ministry opportunities. But don't let that usurp the primary work of knowing God.

The One Thing Burnt-Out Leaders Need

Judy Dunagan

In the midst of out-of-breath-serving-God-busyness­, have you lost the wonder of Him?

The Power of Divine Anointing

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth shows you why your ministry will lack true effectiveness unless we've been in the fire of God's presence ourselves.

The Proactive Pursuit of Humility

Laura Booz

To be humble, we must see ourselves as we are—prideful—and see God as He truly is—God alone.

The Truth That Sets Us Free

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Twenty-two liberating truths for today's woman.

Two Voices of Wisdom

Shannon Popkin

There are two kinds of wisdom calling out to you, saying, “You should go this way with your life.” Which will you listen to? Who will you become?

What About Your Desire to Do Something Great for God?

Kelly Needham

If we’re holding out to accomplish something big for God one day, our desires may be misplaced.

What Is a Leader?

Tanya Hasselhuhn

Learn the qualities and characteristics that define of a leader, and be encouraged that leadership is process of continual growth.

What Women Want Women's Ministry Leaders to Know

Karen Waddles

Learn from a survey of women about their perceptions of the women's ministry in their churches.

When Ministry Becomes an Idol

Chiree Patterson

Whether it is a ministry, a relationship, a position, or a job, all of us are inclined to exalt things—even good things—above Christ.

Women Teaching Men—How Far Is Too Far?

Mary Kassian

Where is the line when it comes to women teaching men? May women preach on Sunday mornings? Teach a Sunday school class? Lead a small group? Speak at a conference? At a couples retreat?