Freedom, Fullness, and Fruitfulness in Christ (Spoken Word Poetry)

Oct. 11, 2014 Blair Linne

Blair Linne did a masterful job summing up the True Woman '14 Conference in this original recitation. She challenges women as they return to their ordained battlefields to go away as warriors.

Running Time: 5 minutes


This original recitation by Blair Linne was given at True Woman '14.

We have heard the voice of Freedom.
How He calls Prodigal daughters out of darkness
Pulling them away from heavy-handed grasp of bondage.

Unlocking chains of being weak-willed and demon-filled
as well, those late nights when we are willing to eat temptation up like ice cream
-straight out of the container
unsettling how we can't contain her (our flesh)
but amazing how Christ’s power constrains her.

Remember, we have communed with Fullness.
How He resuscitates us when we are left impoverished
heals our greatest need.
Sometimes allowing physical suffering to link arms with us
so we might fall into the everlasting arms of Him in whom we trust.

Our Pool of Bethesda, who revives us
when our fossil faith is dirt dry like brittle bones in Sahara
when the feast feels far removed and we chew on emptiness …

About the Speaker

Blair Linne

Blair Linne

Blair Linne lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Shai, and their three children: Sage, Maya, and Ezra. Blair is an actress, speaker, author, and spoken word artist who has toured globally and is known as one of the originators of the Christian Spoken Word genre. Proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ through Bible study, speaking, and spoken word is her passion.