The Fast That God Requires

Oct. 10, 2014 Lauren Chandler

In Isaiah 58, God brings an accusation against His people. They fast, they "go to church," they pray, but their hearts beat for their own glory and gain. You, too, can go through the motions of what you think God requires, but does your obedience flow out of a heart changed by the gospel? If so, what can you do about it?


Lauren Chandler: I'm a little overwhelmed. This is not what I'm comfortable doing. My husband can do this all day, multiple times a day; and I love it, I love to hear him do it. But it has been something the Lord has asked for me to do, and I have said "Yes" to Him.

Like that little white handkerchief, I've said "Yes, Lord, I'll do it. But You better show up because I don't have it!" Matt? Yes. Me? I'm struggling. I'm weak. I'd rather just be leading you guys in song. That is what I would love to be doing. But it is not what He has me doing for you and for me this afternoon.

He has stirred my heart towards Isaiah 58, so if you will start there, open your Bible, open up your App--and I'll put a plug in for my friend, Scott Lindsey, that …

About the Speaker

Lauren Chandler

Lauren Chandler

Lauren Chandler is a wife, mother, and worship leader at The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas, where her husband, Matt, serves as lead pastor. She is a writer and speaker and enjoys studying God's Word.